Super Metroid: Unknown
Release date: Apr 20, 2012
Author: Reita
Download: Version 1.0 [UH] (810 downloads)
Genre: Incomplete [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Unknown [?]
Average runtime: 9:57
Average collection: 62%
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
Here is a level hack for Super Metroid which changes the levels and colors of the game. New (cloned) enemies have been added to the game. This hack looks like a demo. Beatable, but unfinished. Most of map wasn't changed. Not much is documented on this hack due to it being of Japanese origin.
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By Aran;Jaeger on Dec 08, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
No animals to be saved.
By andlabs on Apr 07, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 11:41
The description is misleading: while this is a half-hack, this isn't really a demo; it's a thorough hack that can be completed and has lots of room and item changes, as well as a whole bunch of neat ideas. The patch also requires a headered ROM, not an unheadered ROM.

So yes, this hack does a few neat things, including partial versions of a few ideas I've had! Of particular note:

- the Gravity Suit does not automatically grant Varia Suit, so heated rooms and lava will hurt you (albeit more slowly)
- each Super Missile upgrade requires all prior Super Missile upgrades, and in some cases this fact is implemented somewhat creatively
- unusual routes through various parts of the hack, including having to go through Lower Norfair backwards
- and (at least at first) the hack seems to be designed to discourage doing the wrong thing: bombs take longer to explode (so no IBJ) and heat/lava/acid sap health RAPIDLY, almost to the point of insta-death (so no heat runs) — wall jump is unimpeded, and possibly also mockball, but I forget now

Of course, over time, that last point becomes a sticking point, particularly since, as I write this, there is virtually *NO* information on this hack anywhere — not even a playthrough on either English or Japanese video sites to watch! There are some things that just take too long; in particular, you have to plant two bombs to get from Crateria to the Wrecked Ship, which gets annoying, especially since I kept getting lost because I kept missing the path to one item. I did eventually get used to it.

And yes, I did wind up getting lost a lot of the time, particularly when finding the first Super Missile (because I somehow missed a shot block). I might do a playthrough some time, but it'd probably not be a live thing because of the biggest issue I am about to mention.

The biggest issue with this hack that is independent of the amount of info available on the hack is that the enemies and bosses jump from only slightly tougher, if at all, to MUCH HARDER TO KILL at about the halfway point, with no transition. I might have been going the wrong way, of course, but when the Plasma Beam doesn't really feel like much of an upgrade and certain frequent enemies are immune to Screw Attack and/or Speed Booster (hi giant Desgeegas, Ki Hunters, and *especially* Beetoms!)...

Ridley and Kraid (the last two bosses, in that order) are also tougher; Ridley takes more hits to kill, but Kraid's fight is harder in a significant way AND he's *incredibly beefed up*. Here's a hint: hope you found Plasma Beam and have mastered Space Jump, because you'll need them...

Also frustrating: the ship no longer refills weapons, only energy and reserve tanks.

A few other notes and curiosities, some of which are spoilers:

- Spore Spawn doesn't respond to Missiles. You'll need to find Charge Beam to hit it (and you can't skip it).
- Work Robots can be destroyed with bombs. You'll need to know this to get to Phantoon, which is the first boss you'll need to fight.
- Most of the map stations were removed, but the path to Crateria's is still there. The room seems pointless, but it becomes important when it's time to go to Tourian.
- Some of the item dots on the map and item platforms are really nothing at all.
- Despite what Aram;Jaeger says (did you use an unheadered ROM?) you can save the animals.
- You will get Gravity Suit before Varia Suit. Be sure to remember Brinstar's secrets to find the former.
- The staircase room in Brinstar before the noob bridge has some speed boost blocks in the ceiling near the end. Grapple Beam is there; you'll need Super Missiles.
- The two special Chozo Statues that you activate with morph ball are gone.
- Near the leftmost Brinstar elevator is a door that leads to Tourian-like rooms that connect back to a fake tunnel in Crateria. Entering those Tourian-like rooms screw up the map (at least in bsnes v080); I'd suggest avoiding them. You can get to the Crateria fake tunnel with Super Missiles at the bottom of the old escape chute; X-Ray Scope is here and you will need Power Bombs.
- Wave Beam is where the missile refill near Draygon used to be. You'll need Grapple Beam. Make sure to not completely forget this like I did :D
- The gray doors in Crateria Main Street are only open in the escape sequence. You'll need Super Missiles to get through from underneath normally.
- My Kraid fight was particularly painful because I expected the refill room from the original. It's not there; you have a Norfair-style 5-enemy generator instead, and I couldn't find a way back to it after jumping into the other side of the room with the boss door. Be sure to fill first!
- And my most important piece of advice: the way to get to where you would normally get Gravity Suit is now where you get Super Missiles; you don't get in the usual way (in fact there is no way to get to the usual way). And be sure to shoot the floor to find the morph ball tunnel to get in. This very likely accounts for most of the wasted time in my playthrough, hence "most important" :D

The item stats for 100% are:
all vanilla items
14 Energy Tanks
4 Reserve Tanks
265 Missiles
50 Super Missiles
15 Power Bombs
Note this is almost identical to vanilla; the extra Missiles match the missing Power Bombs.

So yes, my verdict: definitely a half-hack worth giving a chance, especially for the various original ideas in it (if I remembered them all here). Not sure how good it is for speedrunning, and the difficulty might not spike so much when played correctly (but I don't know for sure) so I'm not sure if it's also good for casual players either. But it's definitely not a *bad* half-hack, and should get some more attention. I'll still consider making a video of it sometime...
By PHOSPHOTiDYL on Jan 14, 2018 (Star Star Star Star Star )
86% in 8:13
Hidden gem of old type hacks.
This is one of the more challenging hacks I've played.

Save stations weren't loading properly for me, so save state every station.
High bytes need to be $80.

This hack taught me how to damage boost off a spike to clear a pit of lava.
I loaded from the wrong coordinates & was actually supposed to come from the other direction...
Thus the use of save states.

Never felt more like a ninja though. ^_^

Anyways, some advice for those who wish to venture into hell.

First is for exploring every part of norfair the first time & collecting your beam.
Look for some vanilla secret rooms in brinstar to find a suit.

This hack takes advantage of many rooms you would not encounter on any vanilla playthroughs...

Second is for exploring every part of zebes when in need of an equipment or ammo upgrade.
Search norfair for a backward entry into lower east norfair.

I'm not sure if you can get screw attack early on, so enjoy what is the first layer of hell.

Third is just a general gameplay procedure.
Do not waste your super missiles.
Always stay fully stocked.

Try to keep track of places you encounter consecutive super missile blocks.
Attempt to calculate how many you will need.

Very frustrating running to the same rooms to encounter the same dead ends.
Very slow to pick up, the challenge keeps it interesting.

Everything is very well hidden, even the main path.
You will pay for every single mistake you make.

Liquid just instantly disintegrates you.
Crumble blocks hate you.

Ninja part in maridia if you fail, you will fall so far & you just worked so hard to get there.

The worst part of your nightmares awaits you in east brinstar.
I first showed up with 180 missiles, 15 supers, & 699 health.

There's no fucking way.

A few more hours of searching & I came back with 240 missiles, 50 supers, & 1099 health.
The first part is a sick space jump battle carefully using your ammo.

The second part is frantically shooting claws to get more ammo to get the fuck out of there.
32,000 hp, it just doesn't want to die.

A whole day of failure to one boss.
Nothing's worse than the bed of chaos though.

Maybe I'm just not hardcore enough.

Definitely want to play this a bunch more.
Thanks for the hack.

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